Procedimientos Generales – Responsabilidad Transporte Courier y de Carga

INTEGRAL and CUSTOMER, accepted in full transport conditions stipulated in the General Conditions of Carriage and freight our orders at the time of LOAD to be shipped to the required destination.


The INTEGRAL Freight Order guide will dispatch or transport document for transport purposes. This document must be completed in full by CLIENT, especially related items LOAD detail, packaging, package type, recipient and any special information that relates to the handling of LOAD.

Freight order is the document that supports the collection of INTEGRAL services and is also used as document delivery of the goods to the consignee.



INTEGRAL provides Logistics Services, Transport Engineer and Air/Land/Sea Distribution, operating with own and third and it has 12 offices throughout Chile.


Rates quoted by INTEGRAL to CLIENT apply on gross weight (kb) or volume (KPV), whichever is greater

There are two methods to calculate kilos to pay:

  • Factor 4000: Calculated LOAD volume (in cm3) and divided by the factor
  • Factor 250: for loads with high volume, calculate the volume (in m3) and multiplied by the factor


INTEGRAL carries general cargo, why receives and transports "bundles" of CLIENT, with a certain weight and volume, which are transported under the assumption of unrestricted general cargo, not responsible for the veracity of their contents

The description of goods specified by CLIENT or his representative in order INTEGRAL freight will only be considered valid for particular information and own purposes of CLIENT and / or his representative, having no validity whatsoever for INTEGRAL to disregard content, status and value the contents of the package received transport.

INTEGRAL not permitted the transport of general cargo of the following products:

  • Species valued, money, jewelry, documents and / or securities of any kind, and / or commercially valuable objects and / or sentimental.
  • The client sends sealed envelopes whose contents are unknown INTEGRAL therefore sending checks, bank drafts, etc., is the sole responsibility of the person making the submission.
  • Radioactive restricted goods and / or hazardous, perishable or require regulated temperature, without notice to evaluate and coordinate the office according to the requirements that each product must meet.

CLIENT assumes any damage and / or immediate harm or emerging that could affect INTEGRAL, customers, carriers or third parties.

INTEGRAL reserves the right to reject, at its discretion, the transport of goods:

  • Not meet the requirements for transport
  • Do not come accompanied by the required certificates.
  • Do not meet national conditions and international packaging.
  • At the discretion of INTEGRAL, do not meet current standards.
  • INTEGRAL not be liable for any damage, loss, diminution, or otherwise, in the following situations:
    • Damage from poor packing by CLIENT
    • Damage caused by nature or vice of the product
    • Damage caused by review of public authority, police, customs, etc.
    • Damage, loss reduction or force majeure, acts of vandalism, acts of God, acts of terrorism and other non-attributable to INTEGRAL.
    • Loss of profits or commercial damage as a result of damage, shortage, loss, delay or otherwise, whether or not responsible INTEGRAL.


INTEGRAL offers Freight Service "Ad Valorem" which will be performed at the specific request and expresses the CLIENT, and is governed by the following procedure

If the CLIENT wishes to transport goods value or extremely fragile, such as computers, special tools, equipment or other, at the express request of the customer, INTEGRAL perform a "Transportation Ad-Valorem" by which the parties agree that in the event of a claim, CLIENT be compensated for the actual value of the goods.

In this circumstance CLIENT shall provide, prior to transport, an express declaration of contents and value of the goods to be transported, in which case insurance INTEGRAL take a customer's own expense.

To this end, CLIENT must declare the value in the respective order of freight, crediting it with the corresponding receipt, commercial invoice or similar document, prior to the completion of transport, must cancel additional freight, insurance rate Ad Valorem issued by INTEGRAL.


INTEGRAL transporting goods restricted and / or dangerous, provided you adhere to the rules and regulations or failing national and international.

These charges must be properly labeled and properly declared by the CLIENT to INTEGRAL clearly identifying the contents of restricted or dangerous goods.

This type of goods includes articles and substances that are flammable, corrosive, toxic, oxidising, explosive, radioactive, infectious, compressed gases, self-reactive, and generally all regulated materials.

INTEGRAL not carry, manipulate and move loads that do not adhere to the rules, or do not have the preparation, documentation, and appropriate packaging codes established by or Restricted Goods Regulations IATA Dangerous.

The transport of substances that are of some risk, requires special filling Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) in accordance with Rule 2245 of Chilean NCH. 93, which among other data required:

  • Identification of the chemical and supplier
  • Product composition: information on ingredients, physical and chemical properties
  • Identification of risks
  • First aid measures, fire fighting measures and to control spills and leaks
  • Handling and storage
  • Exposure control, and protection of persons
  • Stability and reactivity
  • Toxicological information
  • Specific information on transport

Relating to packaging, there are rules that must be considered, such as:

  • The packaging must be designed and constructed so as to avoid leaks, leaks or breaks that may cause variations in altitude, temperature during handling and transport.
  • The packaging material must be packed so brittle as to prevent breakage and leakage during normal transportation.
  • The packaging must allow packages will withstand a fall from a height of 1.2 meters on a solid concrete in the position most likely to cause damage.
  • absorbent material should be used for the inner packaging’s of glass or earthenware containing consumer goods liquid classes, in sufficient quantity to absorb the liquid contents of the inner packaging’s.
  • All hazardous, perishable or substance and / or unknown material should be sent out of bag and clearly marked and labeled in order to avoid unnecessary risks and contamination of other charges.


INTEGRAL, in case of accident, indemnify CLIENT, according to the following procedure

  • In case of loss, INTEGRAL accept claims of CLIENT or their representatives, only up to 7 working days from the date of issuance of the order freight, after that period, ceases completely the responsibility of INTEGRAL.
  • The first essential step is that CLIENT or his leave specified in the order copy INTEGRAL freight which certifies receipt of your cargo, any anomaly and / or specific dissatisfaction with receiving its charge from INTEGRAL, its agents or representatives.
  • Within the specified period, the CLIENT must send a letter on behalf of our company, led to management of INTEGRAL, valuing the shortage, damage or missing their merchandise, according to our procedures. Also, the CLIENT must attach a photocopy of the invoice or bill with the product you purchased.
  • Upon receipt of your load, the CLIENT or his representative shall detail the damage, shortage, or missing it in the order of freight.
  • This claim will be evaluated by the Grievance Committee, which will determine the final amount to compensate.
  • INTEGRAL respond in writing his claim for the loss.
  • The compensation obtained from the insurance company for losses, loss or damage occurring in transit, will be provided by another party for the benefit of CLIENT and are subject to the limitations set by the carriers.


INTEGRAL only be liable for loss or damage occurring while the goods are under his control, responsibility being limited to UF 0.10 per kilo with a maximum of UF 8.00 per event or order of freight, according to DS 212 November 21, 1992 in MINTRATEL.

INTEGRAL not be liable for any loss special, economic or consequential damages suffered by the client (including but not limited to loss of profits, loss of anticipated savings or loss of opportunity) arising out of the violation of obligations or neglect how or took out any of its obligations under this Agreement

INTEGRAL, if his office indicate an incorrect address or no people at home had consignee, notify origin.

  • If the origin instruction is delivered to another address provided by them, this will have a surcharge of $ 2,000 and $ 4,000 on any package whose weight does not exceed 20 kilos.
  • For weight load than indicated will be charged $ 100 for each additional kilo.
  • If the address of the consignee had no inhabitants when cargo is to be delivered, we leave a message indicating date, order number and type of cargo freight arrival, the consignee must go in person to our offices removed within a maximum of 48 working hours.
  • Failure to remove LOAD and / or return instructions thereof by the sender, this fee will be charged to the account of CLIENT.


The signature of the sender, the CLIENT, or anyone acting on their behalf, implies express acceptance of the terms and conditions set out in Order of Freight


The information presented in the General Procedures and Accountability Courier and Cargo Transport, only intended as a brief summary of the regulations and the conditions under INTEGRAL operate THE CARGO delivered by the CLIENT.


Additional information is contained on the back of freight orders INTEGRAL, which request check carefully to avoid misunderstanding of any kind.